Honda Ruckus cup holder

Looking for a Honda Ruckus cup holder to grab that cuppa Joe on the go? Pictured is a Bugaboo Stroller Cup Holder mounted to a Ruckus!

Here are a few that other Ruckus Riders have found…


Bowls LA

Scooter West Drink Caddy


Honda Ruckus passenger seat

How do you install a Honda Ruckus passenger seat? One fellow Ruckus Rider, was like MacGyver and made their own. Here are some pics and info on how they did it…

Looking for a Honda Ruckus Windshield?

My riding pal Paul has a Honda Ruckus windshield but you’ll never guess how. He bought the plexi-glass himself and cut it out and then heated it up in his oven a bit before bending it in place. He bought bolts and screws to attach it. The best part is you’d never think it was home made!

Here’s a photo of his scooter (not the best view as his is behind mine). I’ll have to get him to send me an updated one! But that is how he got his Honda Ruckus windshield!

Specs on the Honda Ruckus?

Honda Ruckus

Honda Ruckus

Looking for specs on the Honda Ruckus? Download the Honda Ruckus Specs Sheet for 2008

Honda Ruckus License?

Honda Ruckus license

Honda Ruckus license?

What do you need for a Honda Ruckus license?

Well, where I live in Canada the law says that anything below 50 cc doesn’t need a motorcycle license. All I need is a car license! I remember the first ride I took, my adrenaline was pumping. I wasn’t used to going 70 km/hr on 2 wheels before (45miles/hr). But, soon that very same day I was comfortable. Actually the dealer let me take it for a spin before I bought it and said he couldn’t tell I had never ridden a scooter before. It helps to be naturally athletic with good balance. Even in the Honda Ruckus manual it says this.

So, do you have a car license? If yes, then you’ve got yourself a Honda Ruckus license!

Honda Ruckus Review

Looking for a Honda Ruckus review? Well, here’s mine..

I love it! I got mine in April 2008 before gas really increased and before the heat wave in the Vancouver area- (you say what heat wave? Remember it lasted for a week and then got cold and then a bit later came the heat again.)

Anyway, it was perfect timing ’cause now there are currently only three -2008’s left in Canada I am told by a friend looking for one. Now it’s July ’08.

BONUS: I actually got a 2007 model on sale! It was in the showroom brand new and they were selling off last year’s model. Sweet deal. They had two left – one black and one white camo. Seeing as my 2 riding pals each had black ones, I decided to go with the white camo.

Another guy at Powersports got a white camo 2007 and writes his review…

Honda Ruckus Tshirts

Honda Ruckus Tshirts are here! Join the club of Ruckus Riders with these sweet tshirts…

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