Ruckus Riders United

My Honda Ruckus

My Honda Ruckus

“Got yourself a Ruckus, hey?”

It has turned out to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I got me a Ruckus in April 2008 and it’s been a symbol of freedom for me. There’s nothing like a ride through the country roads.

I’ve made more friends since. Seems like every time I stop somewhere, a whole flock of people come over to visit. It’s definitely a conversation piece.

Friends who work in construction and drive monster gas guzzling trucks one day mocked the scooter but now they are looking at buying one to throw on the back of their truck to the site and then leave the truck there.

Chicken farmers are now looking at getting a Ruckus when they just need to make a run to the barn and check on the chickens. That’s the thing about a Ruckus – it’s big wheels allow you to go just about anywhere. You can even go mud bogging with them as many of you have seen on YouTube. (I don’t. Not yet anyway).

Do you ride a Ruckus?

BONUS: Do you live near Vancouver?

If so, come join our Valley Scooter Club!


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