How fast does a Honda Ruckus go?

Well, that is the question isn’t it? How fast does a Honda Ruckus go? Unmodified it will go around 70 km/hr (43.50 miles/hr). But, there are some riders who have modified them to go much faster. Some people claim 85 miles/hr (136.79 kilometers (km) per hour).

I got my Ruck in April and haven’t done a thing to it. Why? Well, for one I don’t want to get a speeding ticket on my scooter! I just about have. I am constantly slowing down for cars – now does that make sense? Also, friends who have modified their Ruck’s have lost power up the hills. Since I live in the Rockies, I like speed up the mountains, thanks.

So, for now I am currently happy with my 70 km/hr – just under 50 miles/hr.



  1. As long as I can out run a bike im good.

  2. I have some quick questions, Im looking to purchase a white/red Honda ruckuss. I understand every state is different, but did you have to register and Insure it, how much? Is it a vehicle that anyone 16+ can use or does it have license requirements? Im looking to get it to get from one job to another, part time. How much did you pay? For the 2,500 they’re wanting here i could buy a car. But the insurance in a car would kill me monthly and i can’t just pack a car away during the winter. Any suggestions or positive feedback?

    • Hey I ride up in Canada, so check in with your fellow Americans at Hope that helps!

    • Eroz A,

      In Oregon, you do have to register and insure it. You don’t have to get a motorcycle endorsement though. I just bought a 2011 Ruckus for around 2200.

  3. Stock 53km\h 2003&-
    Rev limiter @ 8500 rpm

  4. Hi, I’m a 6″1′ tall person and I’m mostly around 200lbs, I would like to buy one of these beasts but I’m worried of not fiting in the speed of the trafic since I’m too heavy. Would you recommend this Stock Honda Ruckus to me ? If not what would you recommend me getting, I only have license for 50 cc rides. Thank You very much 🙂


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