Honda Ruckus passenger seat

How do you install a Honda Ruckus passenger seat? One fellow Ruckus Rider, was like MacGyver and made their own. Here are some pics and info on how they did it…



  1. Than you. I’ve been looking for a way to put a seat on my new ruckus for my grandson to ride. This is simple and easy to do. I”m supprised how little honda offers in accessories for these great scooters


    • Hi Ed,

      Thanks for your comment. I wonder if Honda acts like Apple- allowing it’s consumers to come up with ‘applications’? Allowing consumers to do this makes for a greater sense of ownership and personalization. 🙂 Who knows?

  2. Instead of ordering seat bushings from Honda, use a 1 inch diameter 6 inch long piece of PVC tubing (Thickwall). Slice through the wall ;I used a skillsaw set at 1/4 inch, tighten the vise after the cut and cut the length again. Spreading apart the tube, I used the bar handle of a chisel (put bar end into the end of the tube pull up through the cut to spread it open. Place the spread end of the tube over the seat rail pushing down and feeding down the length of the tube. Mount the seat as discussed previously. The PVC tube is the perfect diameter for both the seat rail and the conduit clips and the length prevents slide slippage. This provides for a cleaner looking installation. To prevent the seat from tipping, fashion a clip out of thin steel hangar stock 1 inch wide by bending a “J” to slip into the seat original bycle mounting pocket and snapping it under the ruckus seat. Additionally, aftermarket back rests are available for the ruckus.

    • Bryan! you say that aftermarket back rests are available for the Ruckus, but I haven’t found ’em . Any pointers?

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