Honda Ruckus Tuning

Need some advice on Honda Ruckus tuning? How do you get the best from your sweet little Ruck?

Here are some relatively simple tuning tips to make sure that your bike is running 100% and maybe a bit more than it was from the factory. Please keep in mind that not all of these suggestions NEED to be done on every single bike, a lot depends on the rider and your geography/climate/miles/condition, etc., but this is a great place to start…

• Change your oil! 99% of the bikes that mechanics work on are overfull of nasty dirty oil! A quart of oil is cheap and is the best thing you can do for your bike. You can use Castrol 10w/40 and always fill between the hash marks (about 1/2 way down)
• Replace your spark plug – they are cheap and you’d be amazed at the difference
• Check your tires – tire pressure is important on small bikes for speed, handling and safety
• Replace your gear oil – this stuff breaks down FAST, easy to replace, and cheap!
• Check and replace your air filter – again, CHEAP, and a dirty oily filter isn’t going to help anything
• Clean your carb – get a can of carb cleaner or take it apart and clean it right, but make sure you know what you’re doing
• Replace those worn out belts and rollers – keep your bike running like it did new with new parts
• Adjust your brakes – again we see a lot of bikes that have sloppy brakes
• Think about running a leaner jet – this helps many bikes, but not all
• Clutch Springs – raise that engagement point and make that bike take off like it should
• Maybe an after market pipe to get things flowing?
• And the sky is the limit after that!



  1. I have a 09 ruckus and it has been great. Was getting a cruising speed of 40 with room to spare. All of a sudden, I cannot get it to top 38. Even if I am going down the steepest of hills, 38 is all she will do. Plug and air filter are fine. Any suggestion would be great as the honda dealership could care less.

    • Hey Doug,

      For me this was as simple as filling up the tires to the right psi. Could that be it???

    • have you switched octane levels, or to a defferent gas station, made a huge difference on mine, i now run bp premium

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