The best 50 cc scooter?

Looking for the best 50 cc scooter? Well, of course I am biased but I have to say my Ruckus is where it’s at. It’s a conversation piece everywhere I go. I even get guys on Harley’s come and check it out. To me it looks very similar to a mid century military bike – bare bones, hardcore. I can’t believe I hemmed and hawed at it. Today I got to ride it through the valley looking at the mountains and I loved getting all the looks, ‘what the?”



  1. Hello. I have started admiring the Ruckus and hopefully get a chance to own one, when the proper time comes 🙂 I have seen one posted somewhere in a blog: 2009 Honda Ruckus and I think i am gonna invest for one. You got a nice blog going on here. Keep posting. Great photos too!

  2. Thanks man for the feedback. Ya, you gotta get yourself one!

  3. Hey, me and my ol lady just bought some rucks and were lovin em. Gotta love the thumbs up and the honks while drivin haha

  4. Definitely a conversation piece! I actually take my ruck to bike night in my area – people love it. Keep up the good work!

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