Honda Ruckus Insurance

How much for Honda Ruckus insurance? For me in BC, Canada to insure my Ruckus is around $25 a month! Which is sweet ’cause my car is $125 per month. Then there’s gas which is about $5 to fill up! Talk about a green ride with ‘tude.


Honda Ruckus Bag

It’s here! Our Honda Ruckus Messanger Bag from! Talk about an eye catcher.

Honda Ruckus Decal

Hey, looking for a sweet Honda Ruckus decal to put on your ride? You can check ours out here from…

Honda Ruckus Off Road

One of my favourite Honda Ruckus Off Road videos is the mud bogging video I posted awhile back. Got a better video or even a sweet off road story to share? If so, post it!

Got yourself a set of sweet Dunlop tires for that off roading?

Used Honda Ruckus for Sale Online?

Where do you find a used Honda Ruckus for Sale online?

Some great places to look are eBay , Craigslist, Oodle!

Share your experience…

Have you purchased a used Honda Ruckus for sale by searching online -and was it a good experience?

Or do you have one for sale? If so, post it below…