Used Honda Ruckus for Sale Online?

Where do you find a used Honda Ruckus for Sale online?

Some great places to look are eBay , Craigslist, Oodle!

Share your experience…

Have you purchased a used Honda Ruckus for sale by searching online -and was it a good experience?

Or do you have one for sale? If so, post it below…



  1. Looking for a used Ruckus.
    Having trouble finding one online- anyone have any leads?

    • Check out 🙂


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  5. Need a Honda Ruck close to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Get at me!

  6. is $2000 too much to pay for a 2009 ruck? the ad says it has only 9 miles on it. and how much is it worth if it actually has 900/9000 miles?

    • That sounds right. If it has only 9 miles, that’s a sweet deal. I doubt it has 9,000 miles on it. 900 is more realistic. A great place to compare prices is on Craigslist. Also to consider is if it is stock or has been customized.

  7. looking for a ruckus in Los Angeles don’t know where to look

  8. I have a stock black 04 honda ruckus for sale in Memphis, TN only 3,6XX miles. i drive it daily so the miles are alway going up. $1,250 OBO email me

  9. great post

  10. I’m looking for a project Ruckus and need one that is beat up and not working. Anyone know of any for sale in the Seattle, WA area?

  11. hello everybody. i am from mongolia. i need your helpful. you can do help me? soo i have honda-ruckus scooter. my scooter’s seat and front head box is has crashed. so i need honda ruckus seat and front head box. used parts is ok. if you have these parts ? please help me
    my mail address is
    my cellphone number is : +976-96-9667-7163

  12. Looking to get into the rukus game. 15 years on big bikes spending big money, so I would like to get into a new hobby that I can afford. Looking for a used rukus in the SE for sale, would prefer Ga or Al.

  13. anyone know of anyone that has a ruckus for sale around wichita kansas???

  14. lookin for 06 or newer in knoxville, tn lemme know

  15. looking for Ruckus $1000 or less.. live in charlotte, NC and will drive 3 hours or so if needed!

  16. I am looking for a Honda Ruckus for under $1000 as well. I live in dallas, Texas and would be willing to drive pretty far to get one under 1 grand.

  17. I have a 2009 Honda Ruckus for sale. Stock. 3,000 miles. Runs great. $1450/obo

    • Where are you located?

      • I’m located in New Jersey….. Union County to be more specific

      • Union County New Jersey

    • I can give you $1,000

      • I’m located in NJ….. Union County to be more specific.

      • Idk about $1000….. I think the lowest I’d wanna go would be maybe $1250.. Serious inquiries only can email me @ then we can exchange phone #s & negotiate.. Inot in a big rush to get rid of it & love riding it when the weather is good.. Its excellent on gas….. I just am having a Lil financial problems currently & could use the money.

  18. looking for used ruckus near or in pa under $2000 would be great?

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