Annoying Honda Ruckus Riders

Seriously, you guys in London are annoying Honda Ruckus Riders. I’d hate to drive a car with you guys around. 🙂

Here’s the video of annoying Honda Ruckus Riders… (aka Hells Angels wannabees) What’s with the balloons? You didn’t even stop for the fire truck. Yikes, that’s not cool. But, the video was well done.


Honda Ruckus Spark Plug Change Video

Again, because I’m a visual learner… Here’s a Honda Ruckus Spark Plug Change Video

Honda Ruckus Exhaust

Just found this sweet Honda Ruckus exhaust set up…

Honda Ruckus Exhaust by Fayers

Honda Ruckus Foot Peg Install

So, you just got some sweet Honda Ruckus foot pegs to install. But, if you’re like me, you’re a visual learner and need someone to show you. Here’s a simple video…

Watch a Honda Ruckus Foot Peg Install

Happy Ruckus New Year – Happy Trails!

honda-ruckus-drag1Have a Happy Ruckus New Year! Do you feel the need for speed? Make your New Year Happy – Check this out…

How To Lock a Scooter

A friend of mine had a sweet little ride that got stolen. Don’t let someone take your Honda Ruckus! You can lock your scooter up with a high quality bike lock. I got mine at a Honda Motorcycle dealership. Keep your Ruckus in a garage or shed at home and get extra insurance. Believe me, it’s worth it. Many cities will allow motorcycles and scooters to be locked at bike racks.

Here are some sample scooter locks I’d go for the big chain ones which is what I use.