Muv: The Lazyman’s 500 Watt Scooter

Okay, so what is with this thing? It’s a 500 watt scooter and they market it to young people but it only goes 30 km/hr. It’s called MUVmuv and it hardly moves. Wouldn’t you just get a pedal bike if you’re 50 and younger? I can understand it for mobility for those who aren’t mobile but not the young active crowd please! I just watched a video on facebook of a young guy riding it on the Vancouver Seawall – I’m sure he gets snickers. What do you think of this? Share below…


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  1. the thing is that i got one and it looks like a honda ruckus 4 real its called motorino xpd …. i got it running to 50 sometimes 60 on a ful charge …. its a good idea when it comes to saving $ no insurance no gas i customized it 2 … now i originally wanted to buy ruckus but i came across that and my jewish side took over… the thing is that i like it cuz its very cheap to run it and if i had the real ruckus i would spend so much $ to make it go very fast and all that shit …

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