Hey fellow Ruckus enthusiast,

“Got yourself a Ruckus, hey?”

I’m here to unite us Ruckus riders across the globe.

Here’s my ride… pretty bare bones… no major pimping… just yet.

Just to set you straight, I don’t work for Honda and so I am not associated in any way to the Honda Ruckus company officially. I just love my Ruck!

Ruck on fellow Ruck Riders!




  1. Thanks for the plug merri ellen! Rucker’s Rock. Too bad you missed Cultus Lake – a crew from downtown Vancouver came out for it. We even had a fancy MP3 (3-wheeler)show up.
    I think our ride out to Harrison Hot Springs in September is going to be the big event of the summer!!
    Dont’ forget your camera. Peace.


  2. Calgary – don’t spend bucks on netting to get some storage under the seat – get a RV battery box, cut off about 2 ” from the top – wedge shape. then a corner to clear the shock and ‘tidy’ with some correct colour duck tape (black in my case) and zippo …. storage. I paid $1:00 for the box at a garage sale.


  3. Thanks Kit for your tip using an RV batter box. You sound like MacGyver. Do you have a photo?

  4. MacGyver ????? must be some young punk – me ? I’m older than dirt
    Here are the pics…

  5. We love our Rucks!!
    Taking a 1,500 mile journey around lake Michigan for a good cause 🙂


    Thanks and great site!

  6. I love Ruckus and I have one, and so happen I live in Van. I have been searching for Ruckus fans here and failed. Finally I found u in Twitter. Yes! Looking forward riding with you guys. Great blog!

  7. My Girlfriend and I just purchased a 1 year old Honda Rukas/Zoomer for her 12 year old son. We are in Undon Thani, N.E. Thailand. The temperature yesterday was +30c, and we were out on the highway. After about 15 km, it overheated and shut down. The top speed is about 38 km/h, and even with a ‘cool’ motor and only traveling at 20-25 km/h, there is considerable smoke from the exhaust. The oil has been changed, coolant at proper level.

    The lady that sold it says every thing is good, and says that it is too hot to run on the highway. My opinion is that the motor is worn out, and would like to have a Honda shop check it out. Because I’m a ‘Farang’, they laugh and say I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    Opinions please.


  8. Hello, i just want to ask u about where can i buy the Honda ruckus(second hand also fine), and how is the price range.

    The Ruckus looks soooo COOL, I really like it !!

  9. […] of Ruckus) certainly stood out from the rest. These gnarly little scooters, possibly part of the Ruckus Riders, were positively tricked out with lengthened frames, high performance exhaust systems, super wide […]

  10. Hi, every time i used to check website posts here early in
    the daylight, as i love to learn more and more.

  11. I have had my ruckus for a month and I love it! Wind therapy is the best! Wendy lettvin from island lake il .

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