Slow Down Your Ruckus Girl!! Honda Ruckus Speeding??

I just got back from riding my Ruckus out to the next city for 2 ball games. A pack of guys on Harley’s gave me the universal warning for ‘slow down there’s a police trap’ – ha, ha – my Honda Ruckus Top Speed is only go 70 km/h!! I love fooling the Harley riders. I stay within the limits quite nicely for a joy ride.


How fast does a Honda Ruckus go?

Well, that is the question isn’t it? How fast does a Honda Ruckus go? Unmodified it will go around 70 km/hr (43.50 miles/hr). But, there are some riders who have modified them to go much faster. Some people claim 85 miles/hr (136.79 kilometers (km) per hour).

I got my Ruck in April and haven’t done a thing to it. Why? Well, for one I don’t want to get a speeding ticket on my scooter! I just about have. I am constantly slowing down for cars – now does that make sense? Also, friends who have modified their Ruck’s have lost power up the hills. Since I live in the Rockies, I like speed up the mountains, thanks.

So, for now I am currently happy with my 70 km/hr – just under 50 miles/hr.