Alpinestars Presents: The Ruck Out

Alpinestars Presents: The Ruck Out (Part One)

Alpinestars Presents: The Ruck Out (Part Two)


Honda Ruckus Owners Pimping Their Rides

Customizable Scooters – Honda Ruckus Owners are Pimping Their Rides (VIDEO)

A Happy Ruckus New Year! (A Year of Photos)

I’m sending out wishes to all you Ruckus Riders. May it be a Happy New Year full of great rides on your Ruckus. Here’s an invite for you. Why not make a slideshow of the 2009 year with your Ruckus and post me the link. You can make it on Youtube or Flickr or whatever is your favourite photo/video format. Then simply post the link below…

Annoying Honda Ruckus Riders

Seriously, you guys in London are annoying Honda Ruckus Riders. I’d hate to drive a car with you guys around. 🙂

Here’s the video of annoying Honda Ruckus Riders… (aka Hells Angels wannabees) What’s with the balloons? You didn’t even stop for the fire truck. Yikes, that’s not cool. But, the video was well done.

A Merry Honda Ruckus Christmas!

Anyone bogging out on their Ruckus in the snow? Here’s video of snow bogging on a Ruckus…

We wish you a Merry Honda Ruckus Christmas!

A Ruckus ride through the desert

The Ruckus Lifers are at it again. This time the crew looks for adventure at Red Rock Canyon state park in the Mojave desert.

Check out the 10 minute video here…

Wan’s Cross Country Ruckus ride

Here’s a pic of Wan’s Ruckus as he’s travelling from coast to coast…

So, a guy from Seoul, Korea flies into North Carolina last October with an idea to ride all over and see the sights. A motorcycle is what he wants, but discovers it’s big $$$ to insure it. So he buys a Honda Ruckus… 49cc, top speed (on a good day) of 40 mph. He loads his gear and takes off South…

…to Miami, then across the ‘Glades, north to the panhandle, west to LA, north to Seattle, south to Denver, east to StLouis, north to China town, east to Detroit, and as of right now he’s headed south, and then will be headed east to NYC and south again to conclude his trip where it began.

Along the way he has met some fine folks, suffered through snowstorms, hail, getting pulled over, flat tires, high winds, a sprained wrist, and a ton of other events that might make the average person give up and fly home.

You can view a video of his trip here…