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Could I Do This on My Honda Ruckus You Think?

Tricks on two wheels…

DSC_8388 Honda Ruckus Pic

DSC_8388 Honda Ruckus on Flickr

Honda Ruckus Chopper Pic of the Day

Today’s Ruckus Rider is from Kentucky…

Jeremy Hall rides his Ruckus with a few upgrades and talks to the Kentuckiana Scooter Chronicles…

Hal Tonsaker – Honda Ruckus Rider from Winnipeg

Hal Tonsaker from Winnipeg, MB Canada is our  Honda Ruckus Rider of the week. View his eScooter Club Profile…

Honda Ruckus Owners Pimping Their Rides

Customizable Scooters – Honda Ruckus Owners are Pimping Their Rides (VIDEO)