Looking for parts? Here’s a start…

Or got some sweet finds for your Ruck that you got off eBay or some cool scoot shop? Share them here…



  1. BattleScooter Parts…

  2. Always a great spot to look is eBay for Ruckus Parts

  3. the meca for rux everywhere

  4. New store stocking parts for the Ruckus / Zoomer. Authorized Polini | Kitaco | Takegawa | Daytona Dealer.

  5. Found a Polini Variator

  6. Ruckus won’t start with starter button. Motor turns backwards when you use
    button.Make sense?

  7. Try kicking it over instead of using the Starter. See if it’ll go.
    Also, maybe your battery is dun . Let me know how it goes.
    It might also be your stator. Hopefully not. : )

  8. Thanks Paul for helping Tim out! Tim, let us know how it goes!

  9. If you do not drive your ruckus often, you can buy solar panel battery chargers to keep your charge fresh.

    The people at suggested it to me.

  10. Check out new and used parts. From vendors and members .

  11. Hey, anyone know mechanics in Vancouver area who will do modifications on Ruckus?? Please post if you have advice. Thanks.

  12. Just bought a new Ruckus. What is the best place to purchase after market assessories. How does the seat being lowered effect handling. Different exhaust suggested ???

  13. 😉

  14. my ruckus will start and run fine for about 5 mins, then the lights dim and eventually go off all together, then it dies. think it needs a battery?

  15. Hi, I got some extra parts for sale. I have a yoshimura exhaust for $175 obo. A swift velocity racing shock for $40 obo. and filter that I will throw in with the schock if your interested.

  16. whats the best cdi to get and from where?

  17. Check us out — we sell the posh cdi —

  18. found a 2007 Ruckus it’s got a beautiful chrome foot rack with pegs.. my feet are small and get caught in between the bars.. I’ll give you mine if you’ll give me a stock black foot rack …also need a seat adjuster and will trade my standard for your’s if it’s too short for you.
    I’m a 4’10 Ruckster and love this bike.. I just gotta be safe versus snazzy..any takers.. I’m in Seattle

  19. Hey guys, finally got a ruckus 🙂 Does anyone know of a place near Toronto to get after market parts???


  20. i need a ruckus headlight assembly contack nelson @

  21. hi…those any one knows where can i get aftermarket or accessories here in richmond or vancouver..?? the jiangwayne store in richmond is gone…:(

  22. I need the entire head lamp assembly w lights, Baja frame assembly, wire harnesses and the frame that attaches to the front fork.

  23. Also, Any Honda Ruckus Headlamp assem. or Blinker replacement parts, LED. Please respond 505-330-8179.

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