Honda Ruckus Review

Looking for a Honda Ruckus review? Well, here’s mine..

I love it! I got mine in April 2008 before gas really increased and before the heat wave in the Vancouver area- (you say what heat wave? Remember it lasted for a week and then got cold and then a bit later came the heat again.)

Anyway, it was perfect timing ’cause now there are currently only three -2008’s left in Canada I am told by a friend looking for one. Now it’s July ’08.

BONUS: I actually got a 2007 model on sale! It was in the showroom brand new and they were selling off last year’s model. Sweet deal. They had two left – one black and one white camo. Seeing as my 2 riding pals each had black ones, I decided to go with the white camo.

Another guy at Powersports got a white camo 2007 and writes his review…