How To Lock a Scooter

A friend of mine had a sweet little ride that got stolen. Don’t let someone take your Honda Ruckus! You can lock your scooter up with a high quality bike lock. I got mine at a Honda Motorcycle dealership. Keep your Ruckus in a garage or shed at home and get extra insurance. Believe me, it’s worth it. Many cities will allow motorcycles and scooters to be locked at bike racks.

Here are some sample scooter locks I’d go for the big chain ones which is what I use.



  1. Having a lock for your Ruckus is always recommended. I personally don’t like to carry a long and heavy chain with me while riding. I used a Xena disc lock for my Ruckus. It works really great. It has an alarm …it will sound when my scoot is slightly shaken. It might be cost a little extra. But I find a lock with alarm function works better to scare thieves off. Park your scoot in a prominent spot may help too. Happy Riding!

    • hi, where did you put your xena disc lock on your ruckus, i recently bought one and it has drum brakes

  2. Just had my 08 Ruckus stolen this weekend in Beaumont Texas. Very depressing. Went out first thing and purchased a hefty cable and lock to secure my girlfriend’s.

    • That stinks!! Hope you had some good insurance!! Smart move with the lock for the girlfriend.

  3. bike racks could really help you secure your bike when you leave it ‘;,

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