Honda Ruckus Modifications in Vancouver Area

If you’re looking for a place to do Honda Ruckus Modifications in the Vancouver Area, you’ll want to check out Jiwang Wayne out of Richmond, BC :

Here’s a sample modification job…


Scooter Ride to Golden Ears

14hondascootersHi scooter friends,

The weather lately has been amazing.  I hope you’ve been taking advantage of it on your scoot!

Our next ride is now officially July 13th – to Golden Ears Park

Should be fantastic. For all the details, visit:


Abbotsford Scooter Meet Up!

Cultus-Lake-1Upcoming Ride Abbotsford Scooter Meet Up: This Saturday…

May 23rd, 2009

Meeting @ Starbucks on South FraserWay across from Safeway


~~~ Eleven AM ~~~

We’re riding to *Cultus Lake*!

ruckusatlakeCome join us for our Abbotsford Scooter Meet Up to Cultus Lake. (All scooter types welcome.) Feed any questions to:

Honda Ruckus Vancouver Canada

Do you ride a Honda Ruckus? Vancouver Canada is where it’s at for riding! In fact, if you are in the area, come over to the Valley Scooter Club.